BRIDGE the gap between the art and science of marketing.

1Bridge Marketing – a consulting and creative “non-agency”
1Bridge Marketing is a Calgary based marketing consulting and design “non-agency” focused on bridging the gap between the art and science of marketing. By linking each campaign element with thorough testing and metrics, we increase your ROI and empower you to make well informed business decisions.
Now, what is a non-agency? Think of us as an on-demand, fully customizable marketing team. The high costs of maintaining a typical brick and mortar agency are past on to you, their client. At 1Bridge we take a different approach, one of “don’t pay for what you don’t use” philosophy.
We are a collective of independent freelancers that are brought into our client’s campaigns based on the specific needs of each project. Don’t need a CRM Specialist? No problem. You won’t be paying a premium to maintain their salary like you would with a traditional agency. You only pay for the hours required by our specialized experts to complete your unique project. We also won’t sacrifice your campaign to win awards, instead, we focus on winning you new customers and additional revenue.

Choose your team.

Whatever your initiative entails, we will hand select the experts required to fulfill your needs.


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